Teaching Assistant Recruitment

Vietnamese Preschool Teacher Recruitment

  1. Self – contribution
  • College/University degree
  • Experience working with kindergarten, education center or any experience working with children under 6
  • Early childhood education certificate (short course/ 3 months course) is preferred
  • English-advanced skills;
  • Be passionate about education & children;
  • Positive attitude, patience;
  • Wellbeing of students;
  • Willing to learn & change to be a better/global vision educator;
  • An understanding of the cultural environment


  1. Skills requirements
  • Team building skills;
  • Effective verbal and listening/communication skills;
  • Stress management skills;
  • Child care’s skills;
  • CPR (is a plus)


  1. Job duties
  • Working closely with class headteacher to make sure that children enjoy learning in a safe and caring environment;
  • Help head teacher to prepare appropriate learning materials, tidy classroom
  • Play with children in free play, corner activities, outdoor activities;
  • Cooperate smoothly with head teacher in classroom’s daily activities as in meals time, learning activities, taking care of children;
  • Pay attention to any performance and behavior of children and share with head teacher of any children’s behavior, performance problems;
  • Taking care of daily hygiene and safety of the children;
  • Following school’s policies and procedure in order to meet requirements
  • Supervise children in their activities, at work, at play and at mealtimes and encourage appropriate behavior
  • Assist children with personal and social development, taking them to the toilet, hand washing, meal times etc.
  • Establish good relationships with parents and children and encourage good relationships between children
  • Attend the internal training courses, team building activities


  1. Experience: Minimum 1 year
  2. Salary: negotiable

Please send us your CV to kinderacademy.preschool@gmail.com