Vision & Mission


To create and nurture your child to be a thinker with a global mindset.


We are passionate about the development of your child and will strive to provide the right environment for your child to learn. Our staff and teachers are always child-centric.

Kinder Academy‘s vision is creating the diversity and multicultural learning environment, in which:

  • Children living in Vietnam with different culture background could equally play, learn, and work together;
  • Children have rights to decide what they want to learn, and chose how to learn by themselves;
  • Children are in the environment, which encourages them to discover all about the World around us;
  • Children learn to cooperate with peers in order to complete a multi-task or project;
  • Children grow up in the safe environment with self-motion
  • Children become more independent.
  • Children confidentially light up their dream and make it come true.