Early Bird Offer for School Year 2022-2023

Either children & parents are excited for the day coming back to school after a long time being at home. Kinder Academy is ready for welcoming kids in the new school year! Children can enjoy learning new things & discovering beautiful life during the very first years of life while parents get Early Bird offer – discount up to 35% of school fees!

Please note that we only have limited available slots for new students before starting the school year. We appreciate that you consider well & decide quickly to register as soon as possible.

I. Special Offer

Register for Early Bird enrollment to get discount up to 35% of school fee for the upcoming school year

II. Deadline

Applied till 30th May, 2022

III. How to register?

Fill in this form to register: https://forms.gle/N1RSkEgUMKC7YkYK9

IV. Kids love Kinder Academy because of

  • Inspired by Reggio Emilia approach and STEM concepts
  • Curriculum is designed to help children develop their motor, language, sensory, cognitive, imaginative and social skills
  • Lessons engages the most updated knowledge of international education
  • Combine learning indoor & outdoor with extracurricular activities monthly
  • Include private swimming pool & yoga area for weekly practice
  • 100% teaching in English
  • Helpful events for parents to join quarterly

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    Hotline: (+84)961 825 876

    Address: 204/25 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, HCM

    What Parents Say about Us

    Layla Parents

    “After a trial session, Layla felt in love with the place and really get along well with other kids & teachers. She showed remarkable progress socially.

    And it’s really fun to actually see her coming home from school every day because she always brings something new, she learns something new and says new things all the time. She is teaching us how to sing a new song as well”

    What Parents Say about Us

    Mimi Parents

    “After a while observing Mimi, I am really happy and satisfied with the learning environment at Kinder Academy. She can join many different activities, using different materials to make her own toys every day at school.

    She loves to be here and if you also want your kids to be active & participate in lots of fun activities, let’s give it a try!”

    What Parents Say about Us

    Willy Parents

    “What impresses me about Kinder Academy are the teachers, the food menus, the learning program and finally how the school using tool to manage information and update for parents quickly. ”

    And the most amazing thing is every morning when I take Nemo to school, he is absolutely exciting and eager to go to class. That makes me and Nemo feel happy experiencing at Kinder Academy “