Bilingual Program

Chuong trinh song ngu

Overview of EFL learning program

The SWE English curriculum is exclusively taught in Vietnam by Kinder Academy – a cooperative partner of Scholastic Publishing House in America.

English activities integrated with extra-curricular sessions such as yoga, swimming, modern dance… interestingly and lively help children confidently communicate

Reading activities in English helps to improve listening and speaking skills, improving child’s vocabulary each year by 100 – 130 words

Differences make highlights

Please contact Kinder Academy for advice on the unique integrated bilingual program in Vietnam

Develop comprehensive language ability with your child from young age

At the new Kinder Academy, besides the 100% English program, there is a bilingual program combining the curriculum of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and that of American preschool standard.

It can be difficult to raise a bilingual child, but the benefits of learning a second language at an early age are certainly worth the struggle.

Bilingual children learn faster and easier, have improved problem-solving skills and creativity, and have more career opportunities in adulthood. They also find it easier to connect with other cultures which makes them more open-minded and tolerant of diversity, and they are less likely to experience age-related mental illness as they reach old age. Most importantly, it’s much easier to learn a second language at an early age.

In addition, learning a second language isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Scientists are constantly studying second language acquisition and developing new methodologies to help kids learn faster. And, the rising demand for language programs has created a whole new market for international summer camps with language classes where kids can enjoy their favorite activities and learn a new language at the same time. At Kinder Academy, children have to experience both English and Vietnamese in daily activities.

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    What is in a bilingual school day?

    In addition to activities to help develop intellectual – emotional – physical angles, children also participate in activities to train critical thinking, English skills and social communication skills

    Hoạt Động Thể Chất

    Outdoor Physical Activity & Exercise

    Includes 2 hours of outdoor activity, the morning before 9:00 and the afternoon after 2:00 p.m. at the playground or natural playground

    Hoạt Động Khoa Học

    Science & Mathematics Activities

    Science & math activities combined in fun experimental lessons, baking time, or free play with math tools … will help your child love this thought development subject.

    Hoạt Động Nghệ Thuật

    Art Activities

    Art & creative activities are the best interactive ways to help children develop creativity, lifelong learning abilities & life skills.

    Hoạt Động Đọc Sách

    Reading Activities

    Establishing an early reading habit will help your child have a rich vocabulary of 3,000 words or more, and at the same time, he/she will be confident and learn better at a higher level like elementary school.

    Phát Triển Giác Quan

    5-senses Development

    Sensation lessons are an integral part of the educational program for children aged 12 – 36 months. Children should experience through activities with clay, drawing, shaping, cooking…

    Hoạt Động Bổ Trợ

    Additional activities

    Includes Swimming, Yoga & Dance sessions alternating between weeks led by experienced teachers to help relax your child and bond with classmates.

    About Kinder Academy

    What parents say?

    Layla Parents

    “After a trial session, Layla felt in love with the place and really get along well with other kids & teachers. She showed remarkable progress socially.

    And it’s really fun to actually see her coming home from school every day because she always brings something new, she learns something new and says new things all the time. She is teaching us how to sing a new song as well”

    What parents say?

    Mimi Parents

    “After a while observing Mimi, I am really happy and satisfied with the learning environment at Kinder Academy. She can join many different activities, using different materials to make her own toys every day at school.

    She loves to be here and if you also want your kids to be active & participate in lots of fun activities, let’s give it a try!”

    What parents say?

    Willy Parents

    “What impressed me about Kinder Academy are the teachers, the food menus, the learning program and finally how the school using tool to manage information and update for parents quickly. ”

    And the most amazing thing is every morning when I take Nemo to school, he is absolutely excited and eager to go to class. That makes me and Nemo feel happy experiencing at Kinder Academy”