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Kinder Academy is a Reggio Emilia approach and STEM concept inspired preschool, where you can find the best integration of the above philosophies and practices. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop their motor, language, sensory, cognitive, imaginative and social skills. We set up different areas in the classroom that meet the children’s developmental needs.

Our curriculum expands the chances for the children to engage the most updated knowledge of international education which helps them to become a confident global citizen.

Motor Skill Development

The outside play area allows kids to use their bodies for jumping, climbing, riding and playing games. This is good exercises for the body and the brain.

Cognitive Development

Work areas equipped with materials where children can write, draw, color, measure and build and the children could engage science, technology, engineering, math through the STEM curriculum.

Creative Development

Arts project is practice every day in many ways, especially the visual arts. Children could explain their world to adults by thousands way through a wide range of materials.

Language Development

Parallel language development through group time via plays and activities such as music, songs, story time and show and tell.

Sensory Development

The area with a sensory table where children can touch, smell, watch and listen to understand the senses.

Social Development

Teachers guide large and small-group activities. Snacks and lunch are served family style to reflect social life and needs.

Technology development

Teachers and children work together, to gain the profit of how technology helps humans in learning and working.

Open Letter

Dear Parents,

Children are like saplings that need to be nurtured every day to flourish and grow into healthy big trees. The first six years of a child’s life are extremely important, as it is the time the brain’s neurons connect and develop most rapidly.  For this reason, early childhood education is nowadays considered a key factor in the foundation and development of the intellect and personality of each person.

Kinder Academy has been created by Vietnamese and International experts, with the sole purpose of providing a great learning environment for local children. Our staff offer creative learning opportunities and warm, loving care for every child.


Commitment Kinder Academy

We inspire and nurture your child to be a thinker with a global mindset


Mission Kinder Academy

We passionate about the development of your child, we provide the right environment to play, learn and grow. Our team is child-centric

Our Team

Our Team Kinder Academy

We provide the best environment for your child. Our staff all believe that children are like a small tree that needs to be nurtured every day, to become a healthy one