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Kinder Academy is a micro – model school, inspired by Reggio Emilia approach and STEM concepts, where you can find the best integration of the above philosophies and practices. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop their motor, language, sensory, cognitive, imaginative and social skills. We set up different areas in the classroom that meet the children’s developmental needs.

Our curriculum expands the chances for the children to engage the most updated knowledge of international education which helps them to become a confident global citizen.

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What Parents Say

Layla Parents

“After a trial session, Layla felt in love with the place and really get along well with other kids & teachers. She showed remarkable progress socially.

And it’s really fun to actually see her coming home from school every day because she always brings something new, she learns something new and says new things all the time. She is teaching us how to sing a new song as well”

Mimi Parents

“After a while observing Mimi, I am really happy and satisfied with the learning environment at Kinder Academy. She can join many different activities, using different materials to make her own toys every day at school.

She loves to be here and if you also want your kids to be active & participate in lots of fun activities, let’s give it a try!”

Willy Parents

“What impressed me about Kinder Academy are the teachers, the food menus, the learning program and finally how the school using tool to manage information and update for parents quickly. ”

And the most amazing thing is every morning when I take Nemo to school, he is absolutely exciting and eager to go to class. That makes me and Nemo feel happy experiencing at Kinder Academy “


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Art & Nature

Discover hidden ability of a child in music & movement sessions and let them explore the beautiful world outside by joining in weekly gardening activities



By involving in cooking, your children can practice and improve the ingenuity and focus in completing a complex task


Early Science (STEM)

Get familiar with numbers and join the science class to do many exciting experiments. Every day coming home with new knowledge, how cool is that!


Outdoor Activities

At Kinder Academy, 2/3 of time is for outdoor activities with appropriate content designed base on children’s needs


Music & Dance Lesson

The class helps your children raise their awareness of sound and improve their flexibility by dancing follow the music



Phonics teaches children to be able to listen carefully and identify the phonemes that make up each word. This helps children to learn to read words and to spell words

Our Teachers


Our team of teachers and educators are committed developing an appropriate programs for children in the critical stage of personality formation and learning basic skills

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Kinder Academy has classes that are suitable for all ages so that children can really create and develop the necessary skills in their child's age


Kinder Academy?

Kinder Academy is a good international educational environment for children which has been built up by many positive elements, from teacher quality, curriculum to nutritional meals:

  • Use the advanced Reggio Emilia & STEM method of education
  • Childcare is central for planning activities and teaching
  • Meals are carefully taken care by calculating nutrition & using rich ingredients


Discover beautiful pictures capturing children's lovely moments at Kinder Academy!