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Children should have more outdoor activities to cut risk of shortsightedness

Research reveals the link between environmental factors and rising cases of myopia. Children who spend more time outdoors have a lower risk of becoming shortsighted, the study found. Children should be encouraged to spend time outdoors to reduce their risk of becoming shortsighted, experts have said. Shortsightedness is rising around the world, with the condition said […]

9 Amazing Benefits Of Play

9 Amazing Benefits Of Play That Parents Should Know

Kinder Academy always encourages children spend more time in play not only at school but also at home with parents, as a result show that if parents spends more quality time to play with their children, there are 9 amazing benefits that can be achieved in order to help children develop more outstanding. Let see […]

Managing your child behavior problems

Seminar “Managing your child behavior problems”

Do your children have challenging behavior that is difficult to manage? Continues with the seminar of 8 Stages of psychosocial developmental, our experts would spend time to explain your own child’s challenging behavior. This workshop outlines a powerful and effective model for dealing with difficult behaviors, including self-injury and aggression. Discussion focuses on the importance […]

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Educational Seminar: “8 stages psychosocial development”

To demonstrate aspects of both positive and negative cognitive development of children, and how to appropriately react to each, Kinder Academy International Preschool invites you to participate in the educational seminar “8 stages psychosocial development”. The seminar will focus on Erik Erikson’s 8 stages of psychosocial development. In addition, speaker M.Ed. Dean Conrad will help […]

Willy Parents

Encourage your children, he will learn!

Today we will speak about the Pygmalion effect or Rosenthal effect. What’s happening when your child learn walking? He tries and falls down. At that moment, do you think that he will never arrive and drop out? Of course not! You encourage your child to try again and again because you’re sure that he will arrive, and […]